Thursday, May 1, 2008

Free Stuff For Your Domain

Or What To Do With Your Domain Name, For Free

So you've finally got that really cool domain name you've always wanted; now what? How do you let everyone know how uber-cool you and domain name are? You could give some of these free services that allow you to use custom domains a shot.

I bought my domain almost a year ago. I didn't really have anything specific in mind that I wanted to use the domain for, except perhaps my blog. I didn't want to shell out for hosting or other services that I wasn't really going to use but I also didn't want the domain name to lie idle. So I looked about for free services that I could use. I found only a few and they're listed below (mostly from Google!). The ones that I've not used are starred.

One more advantage of putting your stuff on a custom domain name is that if you should ever choose to switch providers ( be it email, blogging platform, feed publisher, whatever ), all you need to do is update your domain settings to point that URL to the new host. Your friends and readers need not update anything!

If you know of any other services that can be added to this list, post a comment! I'll add them to the list ( and credit you, of course :D ).

* I've not used these services but the sites seemed to indicate that they were free and had domain customization features.

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