Monday, June 25, 2007

Yahoo! Mail Beta Login Workaround

I’ve always liked Yahoo! Mail, it’s fast and simple. I’d signed up for Yahoo! Mail Beta when I’d got the option but unfortunately, it seems to still have quite a few bugs in it and more often than not, I just see the welcome screen and nothing happens after that. None of the links respond and none of the buttons work.

Now, I don’t want to opt out of the programme but I’m not really keen on having to clear my browser’s cache and reload every time I want to check my mail. So here’s what I do: as soon as the login process completes and I’m directed to the mail URL, something that looks like this:

I stop the page from loading and change the URL to this:

i.e. add ymv/login?ymv=0 to the end of the original URL. This takes me to the old Yahoo! Mail; speedy and simple. The URL may be slightly different; I used to get

earlier but nowadays I seem to be getting redirected to this server. The technique works the same on both though.

Yes, I know you can click on ‘Trouble logging in?’ and then ‘Check your email in original Yahoo! Mail’ but it takes too long that way and sometimes the page just doesn’t load.

And anyway, you have to admit, this way looks much more impressive :D


Anonymous said...

Wonderful thank you so much !

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